An E3 Ubiquitin Ligase

An E3 Ubiquitin Ligase

Dr. George A. Oyler

Dr. Oyler is the President of Synaptic Research. He holds MD and PhD degrees in neuroscience. Prior to forming Synaptic Research, Dr. Oyler was affiliated with several prestigious research and medical institutions, including the ScrippsResearch Institute, Pennsylvania State University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland.

Dr. Oyler is a recognized expert in the biochemistry of neural function, with particular emphasis on the effect of neurotoxins, especially the Botulinum Toxin. His expertise in this area began in 1989 with the publication of one of the seminal research papers in this field. Since then his work has led to development of techniques for the analysis of toxin effects on neurons, and subsequently to innovative strategies for the treatment of exposure to neurotoxins. More recently, his research has led to investigation of the ubiquitin system and how it might be used to treat diseases, including botulism and other toxin-related diseases. He has several patents pending in these fields.

As President of Synaptic Research, Dr. Oyler guides the company’s research into the use of designer ubiquitin ligases for treatment of diseases, including post-exposure treatment of botulism. The company also conducts research into pharmaceutical and cosmetic products based on large-protein molecules derived from toxins.

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